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MTG Platinum Electronic Roller ReFa S CARAT Review

MTG Singapore, an esteemed Japanese brand, is admired for its inventive skin beauty and wellness products. They are meticulously made with the latest technology to provide the most effective healthy solution for the skin. One such product is its innovative ReFa S CARAT roller for face and neck. Read our ReFa Carat review below to find out information and best prices for this excellent microcurrent device.derma reviews refa s carat review

This ReFa CARAT device takes its inspiration from the professional kneading techniques of aestheticians. It is designed to imitate the gentle kneading and pinching sensation that you might experience during the treatment that an aesthetician may opt to provide.

This is done through the two-roller strategy, which replicates the motions of the manually triggered lymphatic drainage, working firmly as the rollers turn gently to make the targeted tighter and firmer. These actions kindle the muscles below the skin and boost circulation in the jawline, chest, neck, chins, face, underarm, bust, waist, legs, inner thighs, or feet.

As per many ReFa CARAT reviews, these rollers aid you in achieving more youthful and firmer skin in case if it is showing the symptoms of ageing.

List Price: $110.47
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Neater Packing

 The packaging box contains the device in a velvety tray, a cleaning cloth, a satin bag, and instructions. However, the instructions are in Japanese. Mainly, the instructions show how to hold it and how to use it so I don’ t think it will be a problem. Overall, the packaging was much neater. Anyone is likely to retain the box for a long time.

Aesthetic Look and Esthetic Method

 Any ReFa CARAT review is likely to admire the striking luminosity and slim lines capped by multi-angular, spherical drainage rollers. These rollers comprehensively cover up to the 360-degree angle so that you can control the massaging intensity.

Although compact and light enough, the rollers work by fitting to the subtle waves and folds of your facial delineations. By delivering a blend of point kneading and massage procedures, they tone, lift, and rejuvenate the skin, which otherwise tends to become loose, especially around the lips and eyes. At the core of the blend lies the application of mild pressure to stimulate the targeted skin area.

Platinum Coating

The coating of platinum gives double benefits: A luminous look and a safe working mechanism. Any expert ReFa CARAT review would accept that th­­e platinum-coated surface of each roller makes this device safely effective on even the most delicate skin. In other words, platinum minimizes the risk of skin reactions as well as prevents tarnishing, unlike other more affordable options.

Waterproof Design

This feature gives the most wanted benefit of usage even in water. You can use the ReFa S CARAT roller even while taking a bath or being in the shower.

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Micro-current Treatment

Very few people know about this technology, which is ideal for dealing with a delicate skin. Naturally, the human skin possesses an extremely low current that tends to pass through it. With the passage of time and age, the level of this current falls. This results in the loss of skin elasticity as well as shine.

To restore the level, the ReFa S CARAT roller delivers a micro-current treatment that reimburses the loss due to the current flow reduction. Thus, it revitalizes and reactivates the skin cells by triggering a very mild micro-current. This is done by pulling light into a solar panel set in the curved handle.

It is interesting to know that such a treatment is already in use as a treatment for stroke and partial face paralysis. It works by restoring the paralyzed muscles into their position, making them flexible, and improving the overall look. So, there is no doubt that this treatment through the rollers is effective enough to uplift the overall look. Any ReFa CARAT review is likely to say it unhesitatingly!

Curved Handle

refa carat review

The handle has an ergonomic design in the form of a curved shape. This shape ensures a firm and comfortable grip, even if you use the roller while in water.

Effective Results

The rollers are quickly effective in lifting the face and neck areas, without triggering any strain. After rolling, you can easily turn your neck. The act of rolling, although easy, needs care on the softer and loosening areas, such as the underarms and under knees.

A few customers have experienced some hard pinching in these areas. However, nothing of that kind happens on the face. The rollers are also effective in shaping a V-shape that anyone’s face may have. On the cheeks and under the eyes, the rollers effectively reduce the wrinkles or fine lines, and keep sagginess away. Elsewhere, on the arms, waist, and legs; this device gives smoother results.

List Price: $110.47
Current Price: $110.47
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  • Compact
  • Relaxing
  • Firmer skin in long term
  • Easy rolling
  • Effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Prevention of saggy skin
  • Minimized skin reactions (no tarnishing)
  • Comfortable grip
  • Waterproof



  • A bit expensive
  • Rare pinching experience in more loose areas such as underarms


How to Use Refa S Carat

Here is a small video tutorial that shows you how to use Refa S Carat in a proper way. Enjoy:



Using this ReFa S CARAT roller only on the face and neck easily promotes lymphatic drainage, especially if you do not have time to roll it on your body. It is not only a good pampering roller but a skin rejuvenator that keeps ageing away. We hope you enjoyed our ReFa Carat review. In the future we will add some more microcurrent reviews and compare other devices such as NuFace with ReFa Carat.

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