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Olay Anti-Aging Review: Does Olay Total Effects Really Work?

I was never a person who bought into the anti-aging indurstry. That was until I saw the effects of stress and illness on my skin. Fine lines began to form around my eyes, on my forehead, and ‘laugh lines’ entertained my lips. My skin began to feel dry and looked uneven. I knew that age is inevitable and the effects of age are inevitable too. I decided to jump on the ant-aging bandwagon and try the miracles of invention. I set myself up for a hoax, but was pleasantly surprised with a positive change in my skin. We all desire fast results in wrinkle care, but patience and a great product can create long lasting¬†and satisfying results.

Olay was once your grandma’s skin cream, called Oil of Olay Beauty Fluid. This product was previously known for its watery pink mess, which left the skin wet and sticky. However, Olay is now an impressive product line. Viewing the commercials and reading the literature online, I decided to try the Total Effects Olay line. My choice of product was the Total Effects Daily Moisturizer. The product claims to fight the seven signs of aging. The seven signs are fine wrinkles, loss of skin glow, unbalance of color, uneven texture, larger pores, free radicals damage, and loss of firmness.

What Olay claims: The company claims this product will penetrates deep, up to 10 layers of the skin, to fight past damage and discolouration, wrinkles and lines within 8 weeks. They also claim that 76% of UK women that tried the product would recommend it to a friend. They also claim the product provides the total anti-aging power of moisture–fused with vitamins and anti-oxidants. This happens by what they call an exclusive formula that is Dermatologically tested, non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), fast absorbing, and oil free.

I began using the Total Effects anti-aging moisturizer in early spring. I applied the product once in the morning and once at night. I have very sensitive skin, yet the product did not cause irritation. The moisturizing cream applied smoothly, without a wet or heavy sensation after. I applied the product to a cleansed face as directed. I applied dots of the skin moisturizer around my eyes, smoothing into skin. Psychosomatically I felt younger after the first use, but of course, I was jumping the skin care gun.

After approximately two weeks of use, I began seeing a difference in my eye area. The fine lines were diminishing and they seemed more youthful in the reflection. The eye area was smoother and more even in texture. I noticed a great difference in the application of my eye make-up as well. Since you can use the product before applying make-up, I did so, to add extra protection and power.

After a few months, my eyes continued to see less and less fine lines and better overall skin health. The rest of my face also became more even textured. I felt more confident when my husband brushed my face with his hand. My skin looked healthier without make-up, and at the end of the day.

The fine lines around my mouth and forehead did not seem to change. They fine lines and ‘laugh lines’ were very similar to those around my eyes, so I never understood their resistance. The wrinkles on my forehead (my thinking or angry wrinkles) were much deeper, which may have played a significant part in Olay Total Effects disappointing results.

Overall, this anti-aging product by Olay has been wonderful. For me, my eyes are the most important or focused part of my youth. I may have experienced some let downs, but known of which are enough to make me stop using the product. I plan to begin other products in the Olay line, now that I have tested this anti-aging product with positive results.

Compared to the L’Oreal Revitalift Eye Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Cream, the product is much lighter, easier to apply, and results are seen much faster. The Olay product does not have the interfering fragrance, as does the L’Oreal. I also found the results hard to find, without leaning way into the mirror lined with bright lights. At times, I have even felt sticky a few hours after use with L’Oreal, but I have never experienced anything less than lightness with Olay. I tried the Revlon Age Defying Wrinkle Eraser for a short time. I found irritation around the eyes within a few days of use. The product was also heavy and had too much fragrance for my skin type. Though the Revlon Age Defying brand may have been suitable for my fine line needs, the irritation to my skin was not worth further risk.

I trust L’Oreal and Revlon for coverage, but not for the canvas the coverage is needed for.

I would recommend Olay Total Effects Moisturizes and their anti-aging products to anyone of any age. It is important to not only reverse the signs of aging but also prevent them.

Total Effects Moisturizer’s price is approximately $18.99 at most department stores or pharmacy chains. The L’Oreal Revitalift is approximately $15.99. Revlon’s Age Defyin line can range from $4-$20. If you go online to Olay, you can find information about new products, current promotions, coupons, and free samples to try.

To fight the signs of aging, begin early. Avoid stress, treat illnesses, drink plenty of healthy fluids, and exercise often. Remember age doesn’t directly attribute to wrinkles. Long time expose to sun can be the number one cause of wrinkles or early wrinkles. In Addition, lifestyle and genetics can dictate your wrinkle road maps. If you forgot to visit these preventative measures early, try Olay to get a new youthful start.

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