How To Use A Derma Roller

How To Use A Derma Roller

Derma Rolling Instructions:

We will try to give you some instructions about how to use a derma roller (or micro needle roller) depending on the length of the needles. In case you use short needles (0.20 or 0.25 mm) just put your favorite skin care product on your skin and roll it using your roller. If you prefer to roll first and apply the skin care product after you could do that.

For 0.5 mm long needles and above :

  • Wash the area that is going to be derma-rolled, or take a shower
  • Clean up and disinfect your roller using alcohol.
  • Clean your hands and wipe your skin using disinfecting alcohol.
  • If you are still on the first uses and want to feel more comfortable you could use numbing cream on the area you are going to roll. Before rolling don’t forget to remove the numbing cream using alcohol.
  • During the rolling, use your other hand to pull and stretch your skin. This will make the roller’s penetration easier and the pain less.

Here is the proper pattern you should use for derma-rolling. Follow this pattern and roll 5 times vertically, 5 times horizontally and 5 times diagonally. This is called the star-pattern:

Remember that back and forth is 2 rolls. In order to go back to the beginning slightly change the angle of rolling or lift your roller a bit in order to ensure that the same prick channel is not going to be hit again.

The pressure you should roll should be medium and not big – Especially around the eyes you should press very lightly (especially using needles that are longer than 0.5 mm)

Spread the number of pricks and do whatever technique you think suits you. You could do the horizontally rolling first, the vertical second and diagonally lastly or you could change the order.

After Care

For short needles like 0.20 mm , 0.25 mm or 0.5 mm you will need no after care because there will be not any side effect or damage to your skin.

If you use longer needles prepare to have your skin turned red and maybe swollen for a couple of hours. Just use a moisturizer and keep the area moist or you could use an ointment that contains vitamins D and A. Do not expose to the sun for some days and after, use a protective sunscreen lotion.

After some days the area may start peeling.

How Often Should I Roll My Skin?

Once again, this depends on the needles’ length.

  • For 0.2 – 0.25 mm needles you can dermaroll every 2nd day on the same area of the skin.
  • For 0.5 mm needles you can use your device 1-2 times per week on the same area.
  • For 1 mm needles, you can use it once every 2 weeks on the same area.
  • For 1.5 mm needles, you should use it only once every 3-4 weeks on the same area.
  • For 2.0 mm needles , you should wait longer and use it only once every 5 weeks on the same area. -Attention , use this length only if you have the knowledge on which part of your skin can it be used safely. (is thick enough for this size). It is recommended to do this treatment to a professional dermatologist- beautician in order to avoid any serious side-effects.

How To Clean My Micro Needle Roller?

Always keep your micro needle roller in a clean container. Clean the container with hot water but avoid to use any sponge or cloth because these can leave bacteria behind.

Wash your roller in warm water and use some dish-washing soap (liquid). Take care of the needles, do not damage them. After you clean it soak it in disinfecting alcohol for about twenty minutes. After, discard the alcohol and air-dry it. Put it back in your clean container. Remember to always clean your derma roller after every use.

How to Use A Derma Roller Properly Video

Well, this was the article about how to use a derma roller properly, I hope you enjoyed it, if you have any questions feel free to drop a message below ! And don’t forget to read our to choose your favorite roller 🙂

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