Derma Roller for Hair Loss – How to Use it?

Derma Roller for Hair Loss – How to Use it?

Hair loss affects over 80 million people in the United States alone and there are studies and efforts that are trying to fight this problem. The truth is, till now there is no cure that can grow your hair back 100% in the shape they were. But there are ways that allow some of the hair to grow back and keep the existing hair. One effective treatment is derma roller for hair loss. Someone may read this and say : “derma roller for hair? How is it possible?”. Well, here is how it works:

Derma rolling causes micro-injury to the skin and this triggers the skin’s natural healing system. The healing wound stimulates a production of a proteine necessary for hair regeneration and stops a protein that causes hair loss. The first study showing the magnificent results of micro-needling for hair loss is a pilot study published in 2013 by . This study compared patients who used minoxidil therapy with those that used minoxidil therapy along with derma rolling. It shows that the patients who used derma rolling had far better hair regrowth rates than the ones who just used minoxidil. And that leads us to the next question of our article, how to use derma roller for hair loss?

There are 2 ways to use derma roller for hair loss.

  • The first one is to use it in combination with a hair treatment therapy like minoxidil. Minoxidil is a strong topical product that re-activates the hair follicles and stimulates the new hair growth. The derma roller enhances the absorption of product like this, making it easier for them to penetrate the skin layers and making the products more effective. So if you use your derma roller in combination with a hair treatment product you will see that the effects will be boosted greatly.
  • The second is to use just use the derma roller. That way, the derma rolling is used to increase blood circulation and blood flow to the hair follicles. Also it activates the natural skin healing mechanism and the protein who is responsible for hair growth.

What needle size should I choose?

If you are using derma rolling with a hair treatment topical product, then it is recommended to use something like 0.2mm – 0.3mm .You can use this every other day, or even every day if your skin is comfortable with a daily treatment. to choose between different sizes and needles and find the one that suits your needs.

In order to stimulate the hair follicle and the hair regrowth protein, you can use 0.5mm – 1.5mm derma rollers. You can use 0.5mm once per week or once per month, and everything above once strictly once per month.  If you use 0.5mm or above needles caution: Never apply minoxidil or a similar product immediately after treatment with long needles. You should wait at least 24 hours in order to apply the product. 

Here is an example of a derma roller for hair loss treatment

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