Ice Roller For Face Reviews

What is an Ice Roller?

We all know the all time classic spoon-trick for bags under the eyes after a crazy night out. An Ice Roller is a gadget that gets this job done in a more professional and precise way. It is a simple handheld device that is filled with gel and water. You put it in your fridge to be ready and all you have to do is roll it on your face to have a great massage that firms the skin, reduces the puffiness and calms any redness you may have.

It is a great gadget to use before a photo-shoot or an appearance and can easily reduce the signs of fatigue and redness on the face and around the eyes. Men can also use it after shaving to calm the skin and you can even use it for some minor injuries like bruises. You have your own rolled pack of ice ready anytime. Sounds great right?

How to Use an Ice Roller

  1. Freeze the ice roller for as much time as the instructions say
  2. Use light pressure to roll the device across the bare skin from the inside out
  3. Continue to roll outwards from the nose, across the jawline and across your forehead for a couple of minutes
  4. Clean, re-freeze and repeat for daily use

Like the ice-cube facials, it can be used on the neck, the chest and the face.

Best Ice Rollers For Face Reviews

Here is a review of the best ice rollers you can find in the market today. We chose the best 4 products and we will update our list only if we find another high quality ice roller to review.

Hansderma Skincool Ice Roller

This is one of the first ice rollers made and a very quality one. Hansderma roller has the best reviews online and is the number 1 seller in this field. It comes with 2 heads available, a plastic head and a stainless steel head. The plastic head is cheaper but I suggest you to go with the stainless steel head because it holds the cold longer.

Modern Skin Labs Premium Derma Ice Roller

This great ice roller from Modern Skin Labs is made from stainless steel in order to keep the temperature for more time. It is quality built and can really keep the cold for a long time. It contains a free protective bag in order to keep your roller in the fridge clean from bacteria and also has a 100% full money back guarantee.

Pro-Nu Ice Roller For Face

Pro-Nu Roller is a budget-friendly ice roller for face that has a plastic head, but it is a good choice if you don’t really need the extra lasting cold using a stainless steel head. The head is detachable and can easily be cleaned before going in the fridge. It has very good reviews in Amazon and people that have used it never had any serious issues.


Smyrna Ice Roll, Cooler For Face and Body Massage

Smyrna Ice Roll is an ice roller for both face and body use. It stays cold for about 10 minutes, and it stays cool for about 10 minutes after. The roller head is made from quality metal and you can keep the entire unit in the freezer without any fear to be broken. It is a very good ice roller and has excellent reviews on Amazon and other online places.