Best Epilator Devices Reviews

Choosing the best epilator for your needs may not be the easiest task, because there are so many models in the market nowadays. Also, you have a lot of alternative hair removal methods such as laser hair removal, waxing, depilatory creams, threading, shaving etc. Regardless the easiness other methods have, epilating is one of the most effective hair removal methods and offers a lot of benefits, such as making the hair weaker and offers some hair reduction. Also, it is a budget-friendly method, because it needs only an initial investment to buy the epilating machine and then there are no further costs.

Epilator devices come in all shapes and sizes and is a perfect solution for your hair removal problems. There are models in the market in all shapes and sizes, and here we are to help you giving you comprehensive reviews of the best epilator models in the market for 2016.

braun silk epil 9 thumbBraun Silk Epil 9*****$$$$Simply the best epilator currently available in the market.
braun silk epil 7 thumbBraun Silk Epil 7*****$$$A classic model, can be used wet and dry for both body and face
emjoy ep 18 thumbEmjoy AP-18 Emagine Dual Opposed ****$$$Feel the real power, the most powerful epilator with 72 tweezers. -Corded
phillips satteline epilator review thumbPhilips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator***$ Value for money in this top selling corded model.
panasonic epilator imagePanasonic ES-ED90****$$$An elegant model that is both wet and dry.
epilady-legend thumbEpilady Legend 4th Generation****$$The original epilator manufacturer and a classic model. Both wet and dry.

How Does An Epilator Work?

The epilator is a device that works with electrical power, using battery,rechargeable unit or corded. It uses tweezers that pull the hair from the root . These tweezers rotate the head of the machine and they are able to pull multiple hairs. Usually, each device uses between 30 – 70 tweezers and the best head available at this time is the Silk Epil 9’s moving head that moves depending on the angle the device touches the skin.

Benefits of an Epilator

The benefits of hair removal using these devices are the following.

It lasts longer : The hair that get pulled from the root take longer time to grow back than shaving. They get weaker over time and you will see that you will also have some hair reduction using this hair removal method.

You can take it anywhere : It is a portable unit that you can take anywhere with you.

It is cheaper : It is just an one-time investment and then you don’t have to worry about buying extra parts like you would do with waxing or laser hair removal.

It is cleaner: Waxing and shaving can be messy, but using a device like this you don’t have to use foams, liquids or creams in order to get the job done.

On the downside, pain is one disadvantage of this method but it is only annoying at the first couple of times you will epilate. Something that lead us to our next subject:

How Much Is The Pain?

Despite the myths about the epilation pain, it is perfectly tolerable. At the first couple of times it is a bit annoying but the body get used to it and when you start epilating you will not have any problem with any pain involved. It is better to use a wet epilator under the shower, water always helps to soothe the skin, make you more comfortable and minimize any pain. – You can always use a numbing cream before epilation if you can’t stand the pain the first times.

How to Find the Best Epilator for my needs?

Well, the main categories that epilators fall into are:

Corded or Cordless : A Corded epilator cannot be used unplugged like the Cordless and of course cannot be used in the shower . The main benefit of the corded models is that they last longer than the cordless ones. You can take your time and you don’t have to think about recharging your device. From the other hand, the cordless epilators are the best in terms of portability and if they are wet you can use it in your shower along with water.

Wet or Dry : The wet epilator can be used under your shower, something that will help reduce the pain and soothe your skin. From the other hand, using it with water may not be so effective like dry epilating. With dry epilating the hair gets removed more precisely.

Presentation of the 5 Best Epilators for 2021

1. Braun Silk Epil 9

We start with a device that most of the people in the beauty community claim that is the best epilator available nowadays, Braun Silk Epil 9. This model truly has it all. A well-build device that is cordless and can be used either dry or wet. It has 40 tweezers and excellent power, using a moving head that helps you find the right angle in order to minimize any pain or discomfort. It has 40% wider head than the previous Braun models in order to cover more skin area and make the process faster. It is fast, quick and reliable, a perfect device that can easily be used from beginners too.

It also has a high frequency massager that moves the device and stimulates the skin in order to minimize the pain. An excellent choice for excellent results!

Braun Silk Epil 9 VS Braun Silk Epil 7

We put Braun Silk Epil 7 in the same category, as it is the previous model of Silk Epil 9 and has similar features. This is already considered a top-class epilator and it is an excellent choice for beginners and pros. The main differences between 2 models is that Silk Epil 9 has a wider head and uses the Microgrip tweezer technology to remove more hairs with each stroke. Silk Epil 7 uses the Close-grip technology that allows removal of the shorter hairs. Also, Silk Epil 9 has a lot more extras (not included in the package) like facial cleansing brush. Shaving head extra is offered for both devices.

2. Emjoy EP-18

Our second top choice is the most powerful epilator in the market. This device is truly a beast. It has 72 tweezers and offers the Silver Ion Technology that offers special anti-bacterial protection from bacterial infections. The biggest advantage of this model is that it cuts the epilation time in half, because of the power it has, the 72 tweezers and the special staggered heads that cover a big surface of the body. It also features middle lifting fingers that allow to pull the short and flat hairs easily for better results. The only disadvantage is that it is corded and cannot be used wet. Also, it is one of the models that can be easily be used by men too.

3. Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator ***Best Seller***

This model is the best epilator in terms of selling (best seller), because it offers the best value for money. In a so low price, it may not be so strong like Braun Silk Epil or Emjoy AP-18 models (it is quite smaller too), but offers steady and quality epilation. It has a very nice ergonomic grip, 2 speeds for better results and the epilation head is washable for maximum hygiene. It is a recommended choice for starters, to see if epilation is something that fits your hair removal needs without spending a lot.