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Derma Reviews is a website that provide reviews purely about skincare devices and machines. “Derma” is the ancient Greek word meaning “Skin” , this is why it is the first synthetic word of Dermaroller.

Focused on derma rollers, these innovative devices for microneedling, we will also take a look in other skin care devices like Ice Rollers, Jade Rollers, Epilators (hair removal is also a part of skincare), Derma Wands and Microcurrent Machines. Everything that has to do with skincare can be found in this website.

My name is Nicole and I am an individual that has a great passion with skincare and I have personally used many of these devices myself. From a young age, I always have skin problems like acne, blackheads, saggy skin and other due to health problems. So I decided to use everything there is and find the appropriate devices for my condition.

I decided to create this website to share my knowledge, help other people solve their skincare problems and of course make a bit profit, just to keep motivated and continue to do this. “Skincare is a great passion but it is a bit expensive if you want to try everything there is”,


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