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Buying Guide For Choosing The Best Derma Roller

Are you looking for the best derma roller reviews? The top skincare devices? Then, wecome to Derma Reviews, the right source for information about Microneedle(derma) rollers and other skincare and hair removal machines.”Derma” is the greek word that means “Skin” and is used as a medical term around the world. This is how the Derma Rollers took their name, although they originally come from China. We will talk about Derma Rollers, Epilators, Facial Brushes and other devices that have to do with our skin.

All women love to possess a nice and beautiful beauty gadget. But when it comes to skincare, a good looking gadget is not enough, we have to know how to use it and we have to choose wisely looking for quality products. We don’t want to play with our skin’s health.

Before we go on with our buying guide we will take a quick look in some of the available in the market today.

Best Derma Roller Reviews Table

 Needle MaterialNeedle LengthNo Of NeedlesBonusRatingBest Price OnlinePrice
Puruskin Enhanced Total Body Roller Kit
puruskin derma roller review
Titanium0.5mm + 1.0mm + 1.5mm180+600+1200E-Book + Video Tutorials*****Ebay$$
Little Black Cosmetics Derma Roller
littleblack cosmetics derma roller
Titanium0.2mm + 0.5mm + 1.0mm + 1.5mm180+600+1200Disinfecting Tank - Instructions*****Ebay$$$
Dr Roller Derma Roller
Stainless Steel1.5mm192-*****Ebay$$
Youth Stream Derma Rolling Kit
Titanium0.5mm + 1.0mm + 1.5mm180+600+1200-****Amazon$$
MISSAMMY Facial Cleaner
misammy facial cleaner review
-0.5mm + 1.0mm + 1.5mm --***Amazon$$
Betterkin Derma Roller
betterkin derma roller
Stainless Steel1.0mm 540E-Book + Instructions****Amazon$

Buying Guide for Choosing the Right Derma Roller

If you have a damaged or ageing skin, a derma roller can be the most effective tool in reversing the condition. Derma (skin) rollers are gaining much popularity since the last decade, as they can heal almost all types of skin issues, ranging right from cellulite to wrinkles and from scars to hyper-pigmentation.

Derma roller is originally the German company that introduced this roller device. It is usually a small barrel-type unit with more than 200 miniature micro-needles. These needles generate tiny punctures, when the device rolls on the skin, which pushes the pores open although temporarily.

Working Overview

A derma roller implements the collagen induction technology that is also known as micro needling or skin needling technology. The needles go deep into the dermis as well as epidermis layers for producing several micro channels inside. This cause somewhat damage to the skin but only for some time but it results in natural skin regeneration.

Regeneration, in turn, initiates the growth promoting factor as well as facilitates production of elastic and collagen. Finally, you get new, healthy skin on almost any body part, except for the eyelids and lips. There is much improvement in firmness and texture of skin along with notable reduction in stretch marks, wrinkles, pores, and scars.

This needle therapy even evens the wrinkles and considerably enhances the overall tonicity and condition of your skin. Due to needle stimulation giving wanted results, a derma roller is now considered for advanced skincare across the globe. Until now, it has given fabulous outcome in cosmetic procedures for skin treatment without taking much time.

The Effectiveness of Derma Roller

Extremely fine needle scratches arouse the skin to revamp on its own, without causing any major damage to the tissues in the epidermal layer. This significantly decreases the risk of side effects and complications, which is something that semi-ablative treatments do not assure.

The small incisions can cover 50% of dermal surface but does not result in scars, provided each one is not over 0.3mm in diameter. Most studies and clinical data support the needling efficacy in treating different types of scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles.

Although the roller looks like a medieval afflicting device, its ultra fine needles puncture your skin without giving any major pain. It leaves behind microscopic holes but that is necessary for stimulating repair, just as a costlier option like a laser treatment. This stimulated repair seriously alleviates the ageing visibility, sun-damaged skin, acne scars, and stretch marks. Small punctures allow the skin-care products to penetrate into the skin easily. As a result, the content of all those products that you use can more effectively treat the skin.

Unlike a few promotions that claim so, the derma roller therapy is not a quick fix. It requires you to take the therapy several times for boosted results. It is also worthy to note that it shall take time to heal, which means an instant healing is not a practical commitment.

It is a fact that no skin healing product such as an anti-wrinkle one is designed to give noticeable, instant results. Derma rollers are likely to give some good outcome only after a month of using them as instructed.

Advantages of Derma Rollers

Here is a quick list of what can you gain using a derma roller.

  • Stimulated hair growth on hair and improved overall condition
  • Lessened dynamic wrinkles on face in terms of depth and amount along with crow’s feet
  • Reduced fine wrinkles with needles not more 1.5mm in length
  • Better contour shaping
  • Boosted elasticity and stiffness
  • More skin moisture content
  • Improved skin condition, especially in terms of pores contracture and flushing and moisture retention
  • Reduced burn scars, with 1.5mm long needles, which work by breaking down the scar tissue, after some weeks
  • Reduced acne scars, with 1.0mm long needles, after some weeks
  • Boosted removal of pigmentation as well as discoloration, by whitening and recreating the skin and lessening pigment spots post sunbathing, with needles having a length between 1.0 to 1.5mm, even for sensitive skin
  • Boosted treatment of small lines, eye area, pouches, and under-eye circles
  • Controlled cellulite
  • Corrected body shape
  • Tightened skin that was loosening and ageing, which is reversed by stimulating collagen production
  • Smoothed comedogenicity scars

Are There Any Side Effects of Using Derma Roller?

Just like all skin care products, the derma rollers are not free of causing side effects. However, they are quite minor. Once you start using the device, the skin might become sensitive and red, which can continue until the next day. However, this is common and normal. After some days, the skin shall start peeling and show signs of flakiness and dryness. Well, you can get rid of these signs by using a decent moisturizer.

Another debate is that this needling treatment is not to be done at home, and only an expert should do it for you. This is perhaps because of the fact that a possibility of infection is always there, due to tiny punctures.

However, the risk of such side effects is trivial only if you choose the right derma roller that gels with your skin as well as fulfill your requirements. For instance, the right roller is the one that has the right needle size as demanded for healing the skin condition. This is because different treatments demand different sized needles. For anti-ageing and fine lines, the size of needle has to be almost 0.2mm. If you have deeper scars or wrinkles, a needle of almost 0.5mm is more effectual.

Just as in case with any other treatment, you need to use the roller with a highly rated skin care product for getting the best outcome. For example, you need to use it with anti-wrinkle cream for healing the unwanted wrinkles. Of the two in use, the roller seriously boosts the absorption as well as effectiveness of the skin care product’s active ingredients.

Should You Use a Derma Roller?

A derma roller is certainly a breakthrough in cosmetic and skin healing procedures. While it sounds quite promising, it is a bit scary for its minor side effects. Nevertheless, the latter should not put you off in using a microneedle roller. In fact, choosing the right model largely minimizes the side effects.

However, do not expect the results to be the same. This is because while the roller works for several people, it is not necessary for it to be the best for you or give you incredible outcome, provided you go on to choose on your own. So, the best tip here is to worth consulting an expert who has been using derma rollers for a long time and then decide in your mind.

While several beauticians and experts offer some of the best derma roller treatments, many patients and enthusiasts have started doing it at home. Obviously, this is possible only after knowing how to use the device as per the condition and skin type. Even before using, you need to choose the right model by considering the buying factors.

Buying Factors to Consider for Getting the Most Suitable Derma Roller

To find out the best derma roller, you need to compare the most promising models on the basis of the primary or major buying factors. The market is filled with several derma rollers, with a very similar look but each producing a somewhat different result. If you do not select a quality model, skin needling might be harmful than being beneficial.

This is because such rollers trigger pain for giving only subpar enhancements. Further, their needles rust as well as bent effortlessly, which can cause critical infection and damage. These risks do not exist within a quality roller, which starts showing some improvement after the first treatment. With an expert’s treatment plan, the quality roller is likely to deliver 60 to 80% improvement within six to eight months. Let’s now consider the buying factors.

Needle Size

The length of the needle should be perfect for the roller to be the right one. The most widely used lengths in mm are: 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5. For beginners, there is no need to collect a variety of rollers but only the right needle size. You should decide the length as per the skin condition to be healed.

  • 0.2mm and 0.3mm: These lengths only impact the outermost skin layer called the epidermis, which means it cannot induce collagen. So, they are not ideal for anti-ageing treatment. However, they are ideal for boosting the diffusion of the serum or cream. There is no pain triggered, even if you use any of them daily.
  • 0.5mm: This length is ideal for face, anti-ageing, hyper-pigmentation, and fine acne-scarring treatments. It is essential for inducting collagen but may bring in pain although negligible. To see outcome, it is required to use this length of needles for thrice in a week for first three months, at least. Once used and post treatment, skin inflammation may occur to last for not more than 48 hours.
  • 75mm and 1.0mm: These needles are ideal for all skin conditions but are associated with slight to moderate pain. This means using a topical anesthetic is essential. They are also the length preferred on face with naturally thinner skin of women than that of males. On the body, the lengths are capable of handling light stretch marks. Skin remains reddish for up to next three days after use. Usage is once a week if you use it lightly.
  • 1.5mm: This length is only meant for body use, not facial use if you are not an experienced professional. It is capable of removing deeper stretch marks and scars but is very painful if used without a topical anesthetic. Any improper usage can break down collagen. Even if the healing outcome is seen, such needles should be applied only once in a month. For stretch marks, it shall take time to see the beginning results, which can be 4 to 5 months. On the positive side, this small amount of improvement makes you track the result more visibly, which eventually makes you feel more certain. As the side effects, red skin and sensitive touch are normal and last up to week.
  • 2.0mm, 2.5mm, and 3.0mm: These needles are extremely long due to which they cause damage in the long run if not used professionally. Therefore, you should avoid using needles beyond 1.5mm. Any improper usage can also break down collagen.

Healing a skin condition with an improper size can invite poor recovery and longer recovery time. So, make sure you choose the right needle size. Avoid choosing an outdated model, as those designs could only accommodate one needle size. However, the fact is that different treatments demand their own needle size for giving the best result. For example, 0.75mm needles are perfect for crow’s feet, fine lines, and hyper pigmentation marks, while 1.0mm needles are fine for scars, deep wrinkles, and stretch marks. Read our derma roller reviews at the end of the article to help you decide which one you should choose.

Material of Needles

This is as important as needle length. Ensure that you do not get an outdated device with cheap surgical steel needles but a modern one with titanium needles. While the former needles bend and rust, the latter ones are ultra sharp and stronger. You can even choose stainless steel of surgical grade or steel coated with titanium. The needles you choose should be resistant to rust as well as should maintain their sharpness for six months.

Thickness of Needle

Thick needles are strictly for use on body areas, and not on face. This is because thick needles can trigger pain and bleeding when used on face. The best roller should have fine needles. Do not choose a thickness of over 0.7mm, as it can also disrupt collagen.

Number of Needles

Several rollers come with below 200 needles that are spaced far. Well, such devices covers less due to which you need to make more passes for a through treatment. It is best to look for 540 needles, which many modern rollers tend to posses.

Usage on Difficult-to-Reach and Sensitive Areas Such as Eyes

The outdated models were not meant for treatment on the hard-to-reach areas such as eyes or nose. They can actually damage those sensitive sections. The latest models feature a distinct roller head that can heal even the eye surrounding areas. For eyes, needle length of 0.25 to 0.75 is recommended. Having needles of 1.0mm can damage the eyes.

Roller Head Length

A roller head should not be too long if you will be using the roller on the face. This can help in unhesitating use on lower and upper lip section without touching the lip skin. Moreover, the roller should be detachable for the sake of convenience while switching to another needle size.

Protective Cover

Always choose a roller having a quality protective cover to keep accidental bending of needles or their damage away.

Needle Shape

You can choose either wire shaped or diamond shaped needles. It is recommended to go with diamond shaped ones, as the other ones can go too deep inside the skin to only result in a bend or break off.

Top 6 Derma Roller Reviews

Puruskin Enhanced Beauty Roller Kit (with Video Tutorials and eBook):

With 540 micro needles tenderly getting inside the skin, Puruskin roller gets the number 1 spot in our derma roller reviews and ensures you a minimal invasive treatment for scar tissue, ageing signs, acne, cellulite, hyper-pigmentation, and stretch marks. This micro needling device gives you the advantages of vibration, photon light, and galvanic current technology. It is a 3-in-1 device offering three types of titanium needles namely, 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5 mm. You can maximize your results while using it with a quality serum, lotion, or cream. It is one of the top products you can buy in a fair price

Pros: Suitable for any skin type, titanium needles, exfoliation while boosted blood circulation, collagen stimulation, hypoallergenic

Cons: Redness like mild sunburn, sensitivity, not for those with low tolerance for pain

Littleblack Cosmetics Derma Rolling Kit (5 in 1)

Consider this luxury item at a competitive price if you need an aesthetically pleasing and functionally healing roller for treating acne scars, scratch marks, ageing signs, and hair loss. Littleblack Cosmetics Kit comes with 4 different heads of titanium alloy, which contribute to durability as well as strength. However, the handle is of plastic but still sturdy. The needles are ideal for treating the big and small body portions, without affecting the skin’s structural integrity. It is a great all-in-one solution that also comes with a disinfecting tank!

Pros: Easy to use, titanium needles, strong handle, longer life span, aesthetically pleasing, least pain,   durable, 4 different heads, disinfecting tank.

Cons: It is a bit pricier than other models.

Dr Roller Derma Roller

This is one of the oldest and most reliable derma rollers ever been made. If you are looking for 100% quality guarantee, this is the one you have to go for. From the beginning of the derma-rolling market, when someone read or heared something about derma roller, Dr Roller was the first thing that came on mind. It has 192 sterilized stainless steel needles  Its studry and quality build leave no room for negative thoughts. It may be a little more expensive for a single-headed roller but you will be sure that your money will be well spend.

Pros: One of the best derma rollers ever built, quality and guaranteed results

Cons: Price, single length, not for those who are sensitive to pain, red and swollen skin for few hours


Youth Stream Skin Care Kit:

This one is more affordable than all the aforementioned derma rollers. However, it comes with only needle lengths of 0.5, 1.0 and 1,5 mm. Well, Youth Stream rolling kit has different roller sizes of 180,600 and 1200 needles. Each roller head comes in clinical sanitary plastics. All needles are titanium and come perfectly straight. Just apply it on your face and you will find reduction in fine lines, boost in facial suppleness, and decreased pores in just three weeks.

Pros: Titanium needles, smooth roller glides,  more affordable than above products, durable, sturdy, exfoliation, Various needle lengths

Cons:  not for removing cellulite

Koi Beauty 3in1 Derma Roller Skin Kit

This kit comes from Koi Beauty, a well established brand around beauty products. It is more affordable than the Youth Stream skin care kit and comes with three heads but only one needle size: 1.0mm . The heads have 180 needles, 600 needles, and 1200 needles. Due to different head sizes, you can use this kit for treating different skin conditions such as acne scars and facial fine lines and wrinkles. The roller also effectively brings out radiance and comes with a bonus of travel case package so that you can carry it wherever you go.

Pros: Special for home use, durable, quality design, applicable on all body parts, cheaper than a few other rollers

Cons: Needle material unknown, only 1 needle size (1.omm) in the kit.

Missammy Micro Needling 3in1 Kit

Consider this 3-in-1 roller for eyes, face, and body, if you are looking for something more affordable than the Puruskin roller kit. It comes with three needle sets, 0.25mm (180) for painless eye treatment, 0.5mm (600) for facial treatment, and 1.0mm (1,200) for both body and face treatment. Boosting blood circulation and tightening your skin, this tool effectively heals acne, stretch marks, scars, stretch marks. You can apply it onto any body portion without worrying about any side effect. Yes! This device hardly induces any side effect. The needles are made using safe material.

Pros: Very affordable, applicable on any body part, no side effect, least pain

Cons: Needle material undisclosed


Betterkin Face Derma Skin Beauty Roller:

This one is the most affordable of all rollers here, which can help in healing acne scars, hair loss, collagen deficiency, stretch marks, wrinkles, big pores, cellulite, and hyper pigmentation in a few days! It consists of stainless steel needles measuring 1.0mm with a needle count of 540. It does not inflict any complexions associated by visiting a luxurious spa offering costlier treatments.

Pros: Super easy to use, collagen booster, no bruising or infection, no discoloration, most economical, suitable on all skin types, durable, bonus e-book included.

Cons: Single needle size


Using a Derma Roller

Here are some videos that show you how is a derma roller and how it can be used on your skin, to help you get an idea about these innovative devices.


While there are different derma rollers to consider, the best one to choose is the one that is friendly on your skin and effective for reversing the condition you are treating. This is why the size of needles and their construction material play a vital role. At the same time, go for the model that inflicts least amount of side effects, although there will be no contraindications. It is recommended doing a thorough assessment of the most promising models, based upon your requirements and aforementioned factors. You can do so by reading our derma roller reviews and customer reviews on other portals, forums, and blogs.